Thanskgiving, Black Friday and Fashion Blog

Hello my pals!

Today, as you all know, it is the Black Friday! Yep, and instead of doing a lot of shopping, I am here writing on my blog. Not exactly because I want to but I had to work today (there is no holiday for au pairs, have I mentioned that before?) and the boy is here taking a nap. It means, I have nothing else to do ¬¬

You may have noticed (of course) that I am writing in English. Because of that I have to say sorry for my mom, my dad and my beloved aunt, this time you will have to search for google translator and try to understand what I am saying in here.

Writing some of the posts in English is something that I really wanted to do in a long time, but it is not easy. I am sure that the post will be more poor then usual, but camon, I have to start, right?

So I will start with this one and I will hope that I can do this more often 🙂

Yesterday it was the Thanksgiving Holiday, one of the most popular holiday here in America. I think it just  as not impotant as Xmas. All stores were closed and people got ready to spend the day wiht their families and eat a loooot of turkey. Yes, that is how people celebrate Thanksgiving here in America.

I would love to tell you guys how was my Thanksgiving, and how people here celebrate this amazing holiday. Unfortunately, I was sick and spent the whole day in bed. I was really sick. So unfair. I was very pissed with the universe ¬¬

What a about the Black Friday? Well, look how lucky I am, I didn’t have a chance to go and shopping like there is no tomorrow either, cause I wasn’t complete healed and I had to work. Yep, no holiday for this poor au pair.

The only good thing about being sick on Black Friday is not going crazy and spend unnecessary money around. Oh wait! I still have Amazon on line #dammit. No, I can’t. I will try hard to control myself. So hard, again, I am here laid donw in bed again and by myself (no friends in NJ 😦 ) this is a very dangerous situation for my wallet 😛

Would you believe that there are people camping in front of Best Buy since yesterday? People go crazy about Black Friday. Forget about Thanksgiving. Now, It becomes all about the Black Friday. When people should stay in their houses spending time with their family, they are waiting in lines in this cold weather. Camon people! This is America! You have good sales all of the years.

Anyway, let’s make a plot twist here and change the subject so I have the chance to write more in English.

Like most of the girls, I looove ckeck on fashion blogs abroad the world. Not really, I prefer brazilians one since I can identify with the style easily. I love see the looks that the girls who have much more imagination for clothes then me and, somehow, get some of that Jazz, I mean, inspiration ( a joke in English, soo pride of myself. ok, it wasn’t a good one :P). That  never works, I am too lazy to put up a look more sofisticated but I like to look anyway.  I gess is just to satisfy the voyeir side of mine.

What I don’t like in most of the looks is the fact that the girls sometimes think they are on a runnway and go crazy with the looks. I mean, camon, let’s be creative and since we have to wear clothes, I agree if we can put some fun in this hard job. However, there are some looks that I think it’s so ridiculous that, as my father would say, it seems that the girl put her halloween costume on and just went out. Or maybe it’s me, the basiest (did I just invent that word?) girl in the world. Or with no imagination 😛

That’s why my favorites looks are always from Roana, a cute girl from Northest in Brazil but current living in America as well. She has this blog where she writes about her things that she likes (right now she discovers the make up world), about her routine and of course, her looks.

one look cuter then the other

She tends to be very simple in her looks but always with a touch of sofistication as well. I like this balance that she does. Her style is very mixed, I think it depends on her mood.

Most of the looks I put in my inspiration fashion folder. I used to do that with magazines, but since we are in 21th century, so I don’ t read magazines anymore, so I just Ctrl C Ctr v the look that I like. I read loooots os fashion blogs ( not that I am fashion but it is a thing that I like, useless hobby :P) and I have some other girls in my folder, but most of the looks are from Roana.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope you all enjoy this hint and I hope you like my very first post in English. I will try to do that more often.

Now I have no ideia how can I finish this post. I gess a kiss for whom stays it’s just weird, right?

So, see ya 😀


5 comentários (+add yours?)

  1. Roana
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 00:08:32

    owwwwn! So Great!
    Thank you for everything!
    I’m really glad that you like my blog.


  2. Tatiane Santos
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 00:20:54

    Adorei o post em inglês..
    Por incrivel q pareça eu consegui entender td.. rsrs (yey)

    Bjs flor..
    Td de bom..


  3. Fernanda
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 16:30:22

    I was a little lazy to read in English but I understood almost everything! Congrats for the post!


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